Conference Committee

The Conference Committee oversees the AFCC annual and fall conferences.  The Conference Committee is responsible for:

  • Formulation of the theme and program
  • Reviewing and recommending conference sites
  • Selection of venues for conference sites
  • Solicitation of conference presenters
  • Publication of the call for presenters
  • Review of the workshop proposals for workshops
  • Selection of the conference presenters
  • Review of conference program
  • Conference publicity
  • Such other duties as the board from time to time directs

Committee Members

Hon. Denise McColley, Co-chair
Leslie Drozd, PhD, Co-chair
Justice Tom Altobelli
Hon. Joan Armstrong
Larry Braunstein, JD
Kelly Browe Olson, JD, LLM
Milfred "Bud" Dale, PhD, JD
Hon. Linda Fidnick
Kathleen McNamara, PhD
Michael Saini, PhD